The Experience


Whenever you come across an airplane such as this you will often hear it said, “If only this airplane could talk, what a tale it would have to tell”. In more ways than one this airplane can talk. First through it’s records and logbooks. Second in the memories of those who have experienced flying in it. It really is a time machine that takes you back to the Golden Age of Aviation. Where you can touch the fabric that holds you aloft, smell the oil and hear the roar of a radial engine as you fly with the wind blowing through your hair. Unlike an aircraft in a museum, roped off from the public, you can climb aboard this airplane and experience what it was like to be a Barnstormer from a bygone era!


Very professional, safe, FUN ride. Well worth the money and way more fun than plain old helicopter ride. DO IT!


Today’s flight with Mark was absolutely amazing ! He was so friendly and really went out of his way to give us the best experience possible . I will definitely be bringing my six children back very soon to experience the flight for themselves . I highly highly recommend everyone to go on a biplane ride with Mark ...You won’t regret it !Thanks Mark !


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